Amir works as a marketer at Dogily, a business comprised of marketing, development, designer, and leadership teams. Amir and the other teams have instructions to work from the same standards and to follow the same principles. Why is it important that all teams at a user-focused organization work from the same standards and follow the same principles?

So that the teams can collaborate on leadership efforts To make sure branding consistency and minimize errors So that all teams can handle user feedback To create diverse strategies within each individual team

Jensen is the marketer for She’s done a comparative analysis of the site against competitor sites. She’s convinced that improving the speed and responsiveness of the site will increase its effectiveness and revenue contribution. Which statistic should she use to convince the executive leadership of to make site speed a priority? (Duplicate 2)

Conversion rates Average page views Click rates Average daily visitors

Devon is the business owner of GooeyChewy. Devon knows how important conversion rate optimization is, but he’s limited with his time. Devon has learned that, by deciding what to test and in what order, the PIE framework can help him to prioritize his time. Which of the following criteria belong to the PIE framework?

Presentation, Indicators, and Estimation Production, Interest, and Engagement Potential, Importance, and Ease Performance, Inspection, and Evaluation

Jessie is shopping for her husband’s anniversary present. He loves to go fly fishing whenever he can. Jessie uses her mobile phone to ask for the nearest outdoor supply store. Her phone opens up the map application with directions to a nearby location only five minutes away. This is an example of what kind of personalized user experience?

Delivering a relevant landing page Using known user signals Using machine learning Google’s One Tap sign-in

Bob helps to optimize the mobile experience for ArtfulGarden’s website and app. Bob understands that, although mobile devices have constraints that desktops don’t have, they also present unique opportunities. In what way does the mobile network present an opportunity for mobile devices when it comes to marketing?

Mobile networks always offer consistent speeds. Mobile networks are faster than WiFi connections. The mobile web remains the most widely used platform. The mobile web offers more overall diversity than desktops do.

Jill is in the process of conducting conversion rate optimization (CRO) for their business, Stovesy. Jill understands that the first step in the CRO process is to identify opportunities on Stovesy’s site and app. Carrying out quantitative and qualitative research achieves this outcome. Which of the following insights are part of quantitative research when it comes to CRO?

User insights Competitive insights Brand insights Data insights