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Ivan is writing an api query, and from the api’s documentation he finds out that the response can be filtered to only show data created since a defined date (using the “created_since” parameter). Ivan wants to filter the data that was created since the beginning of the month, and the input format of the “create_since” parameter should be “yy MMM dd”. What is the date/time function Ivan should pass to the “created_since” paramter in his query?

date.startOfYear.format(“yyyyMMdd”) date.addMonths(-1).format() date.startOfMonth.format(“yy MMM dd”) date.add(-5).format(“yy MMM dd”) date.addMonths(-1).endOfMonth.format()

Take a look at the Data Source and Klip Below. In order to build the “Delayed Units” Series, why is it necessary to use the LOOKUP function?

Because certain States have higher numbers of Units Because each State has a different numbers of Cities Because not all States have “Delayed” orders Because there are four different Regions, and each Region has a different number of States. Because the “Units” column has numerical data.