Mobile Experience

Veronica is the owner of a user-focused organization called ColabFlow. Veronica wants to encourage cross-functional collaboration between the teams at ColabFlow. Which question is suitable to ask to encourage cross-functional collaboration between ColabFlow’s teams?

What percentage of the marketing budget can accurate metrics quantify? Are the teams utilizing the latest features in Google Ads? When do users prefer to interact with a website vs. an app? How many offline interactions does it take to create a conversion?

The Hercules Fitness Center has a website named, Last year, they released a mobile app available on both Android and iOS. They encourage users to use the app instead of the website because of its advanced capabilities. Currently, they advertise on YouTube and several other sites. When customers click on an ad, it takes them to instead of the app. What web technology can open the mobile app from a click on a web ad?

Two-Factor authentication Progressive web app Deep linking Universal links

Kelli is a marketer for A high percentage of customers begin a purchase and don’t finish. She’s called you at the Google Help Center to help her with a solution. You recommend Google Pay as a payment solution for which of the following two reasons?

Google Pay supports up to 4 ACH bank accounts per user. It offers rewards for new user referrals. It securely stores payment information. It supports co-branded cards, such as those by Citi. Completing checkout takes less than six clicks or taps.

Emily helps to optimize the mobile experience for GardenFolio’s website and app. Emily understands that, although mobile devices have constraints that desktops don’t have, they also present unique opportunities. In what way does the mobile network present an opportunity for mobile devices when it comes to marketing?

Mobile networks are faster than WiFi connections. The mobile web offers more overall diversity than desktops do. The mobile web remains the most widely used platform. Mobile networks always offer consistent speeds.

You’re a marketing manager for your company’s website,, an online seller of books about American History. Google Analytics has shown that the exit rate on the checkout page is high. In a meeting with the developer team, you explained that this means the user experience is good up to the checkout page. Then, making the purchase becomes too too difficult for most users. You’ve recommended that they implement a one-click-to-buy option that uses information stored in the users account. Which type of user personalization is this known as?

Using known user signals Delivering a relevant web page Static profile matching Using given information

A horse racing equipment business called SportsJockey feels like some of the pages on their website are weaker than others. The teams at SportsJockey understand that identifying these pages is crucial for conversion rate optimization (CRO). Which of the following actions can help SportsJockey to identify which pages need the most attention with regards to CRO?

Checking the “Landing pages” section in Google Ads Comparing other businesses’ websites against their own Reviewing the website’s funnel or flow Having a designer inspect the cosmetic side of the pages, a local plumbing contractor, has contracted Jade to be their marketer. Thus far, their website has been an informational site full of static pages. Jade is upgrading the site to include online ordering with a PCI compliant checkout process. She’s recommended the usual Visa/Mastercard checkout options, though she dislikes the time it takes for a customer to checkout that way. Which payment option allows customers to checkout using a Visa card stored in their Gmail account?

Venmo Google Pay Apple Pay Square Wallet