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Consider the following scenario. You’re building a table component showing dates in the current month in column 1 and corresponding sessions for each day in column 2 (from web traffic data from Google Analytics). In your Google Analytics datasource, you also have the channel grouping for your sessions (per day) and you wish to only show data coming from organic sources. However, you do not wish to have a visible column in your table that shows the channel grouping. How would you use filter actions to show only dates and sessions corresponding to organic traffic in your table? Select the best practice option.

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  • Add hidden data which will contain channel grouping column from your Google Analytics datasource, use filter action to include “organic” option
  • Use SELECT function in each column to filter data based on the logic that the channel grouping column’s “organic” entries must be filtered
  • Put a column in your table which will contain grouping column from Google Analytics datasource, use filter action to include “organic” option and set the visibility option of the column to hidden
  • None of the above

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