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Measure Campaigns With Amazon Attribution (Seller) Quiz Answers 2021

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Exam Name: Measure Campaigns With Amazon Attribution (Seller) Quiz

Exam URL: https://learningconsole.amazonadvertising.com/student/path/1404-measure-campaigns-with-amazon-attribution-seller

  1. Which sentence best describes what Amazon Attribution enables advertiser to accomplish?
  2. Amazon Attribution allows advertisers to measure their non-Amazon media and report on Amazon conversion metrics, including sales.
  3. Amazon Attribution allows advertisers to measure their search, social, display, video, and email non-Amazon media channels.
  4. Which sentence below best describes how ads are measured using Amazon Attribution?
  5. Attribution tags are generated when you create line items.
  6. Choose the best description for promoted conversion metrics.
  7. When measuring campaigns using Amazon Attribution, what is the next step after you create an order?
  8. ASINs within the Amazon Attribution console are promoted at the Order level.
  9. Attribution contention occurs at the Order level, which means attribution tags within the same order compete with each other for attribution.
  10. Attribution contention occurs at the ASIN level. This means if you promote the same ASINs across multiple orders your attribution tags with the same promoted ASINs will be eligible with each other for attribution.
  11. Choose the correct answer. Which type of Amazon Attribution report would you use to view your keyword level Google Ads performance?
  12. Attribution tags should be placed on both Amazon and non-Amazon Advertising ads.
  13. Which of the following best describes the insights gained from reviewing the Total Detail Page View Rate (DPVR) metric?
  14. Sri is an advertiser interested in improving her media’s performance by generating more “add to carts” with her non-Amazon Advertising media. Which recommendation would you make for her?
  15. Marta is an advertiser focused on improving consideration metrics of her promoted and brand halo ASINs. Which metrics would be most useful to measure consideration from her campaign?