Lloyd has been researching what makes a user-focused organization a successful one. During this research, Lloyd has come to realize that everyone plays a part in optimizing the user experience on an ongoing basis. What is the designer’s part in optimizing the user experience on an ongoing basis?

Aligning with developers to create options for testing site and app improvements Supporting and encouraging testing and enabling budgets to allow for it Building the test environments and implementing changes that were successful in testing Implementing tracking for measurable outcomes and share data across teams

A sports ticket vending business called StadiumSpirit feels like some of the pages on their website are weaker than others. The teams at StadiumSpirit understand that identifying these pages is crucial for conversion rate optimization (CRO). Which of the following actions can help StadiumSpirit to identify which pages need the most attention with regards to CRO?

Having a designer inspect the cosmetic side of the pages Checking the “Landing pages” section in Google Ads Reviewing the website’s funnel or flow Comparing other businesses’ websites against their own

FuelCoach feels that they have room to improve their mobile conversion rate (mCvR). They’ve asked Ricardo to identify opportunities to improve this area. Which of the following actions would help Ricardo to identify opportunities in improving FuelCoach’s mCvR?

Accessing the desktop version of the site from different locations Reviewing search term reports in their Google Ads account Comparing the desktop conversion rate to mCvR Analyzing demographic reports for FuelCoach’s industry

Ruth is a marketer at GraphicMagic, a user-focused organization. Ruth has been given advice to establish a relationship with the development team at GraphicMagic. Why is it important for a user-focused organization such as GraphicMagic, for marketers to establish relationships with developers?

To understand the constraints that limits developers when they’re building a site or app To build morale within the organization and, in turn, promote a supportive work environment To encourage developers to implement marketing related changes quicker than usual To gain assistance from the developers when it comes to creating content on Google Ads

HopePower.com, a local electrical contractor, has contracted Charlotte to be their marketer. Thus far, their website has been an informational site full of static pages. Charlotte is upgrading the site to include online ordering with a PCI compliant checkout process. She’s recommended the usual Visa/Mastercard checkout options, though she dislikes the time it takes for a customer to checkout that way. Which payment option allows customers to checkout using a Visa card stored in their Gmail account?

Google Pay Venmo Square Wallet PayPal

Antonio works as a marketer at FelineFriendly, a business comprised of marketing, development, designer, and leadership teams. Antionio and the other teams have instructions to work from the same standards and to follow the same principles. Why is it important that all teams at a user-focused organization work from the same standards and follow the same principles?

So that the teams can collaborate on leadership efforts To make sure branding consistency and minimize errors So that all teams can handle user feedback To create diverse strategies within each individual team

Martha is the marketer for Circus.com. She’s patterned the design of her web site after BigTop.com, a successful competitor’s site. Sales from the site haven’t been as successful as she hoped. She’s asking you for advice to improve the marketing effectiveness of her website. What advice would you give to Martha to make her site more successful?

Focus on changes that improve user satisfaction of the site. Broaden the scope of products offered on the site. Remove all flash content and switch fully to HTML5. Provide a way for users to leave and read reviews from other customers.